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Introducing Antikuos Jewellery

Image of a man wearing handmade bracelets by Antikuos

Welcome to my new shop and blog

           Antikuos is a small artisan jewellery business based in Yorkshire, UK. It started near the end of 2020 with my desire to create unique and distinct pieces of jewellery for myself. Later offered them for sale on Etsy with great success.

         This website and shop allows me to increase my online presence and have full control of all parts of the business. My project is to continue delivering new alternative and unique designs with attention to detail  and quality. I am enthusiastic to explore new ideas, techniques and materials.


My inspiration

As an artist and occasional antiques dealer, I have a passion to beautiful and out of the ordinary objects. Old pieces with interesting textures are a constant source of inspiration as is tribal art, folklore and ethnic culture.


I am also drawn to alternative forms of expression and edgy modern fashion. I am a firm believer that you should express your personality and be yourself, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

Favorite materials

I use stainless steel for most of my hoops and hooks to avoid allergies, and mix it with Tibetan silver or Zamat ( a zinc alloy that is silver plated) components for a contemporary modern look. Natural gemstones is my favourite material as there are so many wonderful colours and patterns to choose.  I try to incorporate them in my designs specially Tiger’s eye and African Jasper.

Lately I have been exploring new ideas with copper and brass and can’t wait to show.

The best part of handcrafted jewellery is that you are always learning and exploring and your mind is full of new designs, if only you could find the time to make them!


A final word

Your feedback and opinions are always important to me and I am open to suggestions, so feel free to contact me. 

You also can find me in the usual social media places, mainly on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration.

If you are curious about my art, you can find me here.

Image of bracelets, necklaces and earrings handmade by Antikuos

My work table and inspiration...

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