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Types of earring closures

image with different types of earring closure

The traditional style: posts and hooks


Earring posts are often seen on their own, a small ball in sterling silver, gold or gemstone with a straight pin. I usually add a small dangle pendant and it’s perfect for everyday wear and for those that want a discreet earring.

Ear hooks are the classic closure for earrings and I offer two types, the small hook with a thin wire and a more substantial hook with flat sides and no frills, perfect for men’s earrings. Both are very practical and easy to put on.

Hoops and gated rings


I offer hoops in two sizes, the larger one is 23 mm ( 0.9 in) in diameter and the small measures 17 mm ( 0.6 in) in diameter. Both are stainless steel with a  shiny finish and the gauge is around 18, (the part that goes into the ear hole).

Gated  rings are larger hoops meant to worn with tunnels (gauges) and for stretched ears. They are made of zinc alloy and come in different finishes and sizes. I only recently started using them in my designs and probably will be adding other types and materials in the near future.



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